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We believe everyone has the right to support whichever candidate best reflects them, and we detest those who judge, harass, or excommunicate someone just because they don’t agree with you.  That being said, the sites creator does not support Donald J. Trump or anyone associated with him.  Trump’s actions to interfere with the 2020 election and interrupt the peaceful transition of power proved that he does not share the same values as us, and cares more about his public notoriety and publicity than improving the lives of Americans.  

It began as a reaction against truth, reason, and morality during the 1960s as many academics began to feel pessimistic about the world in which they lived.  They began to lose faith that objective truth existed and instead believed everything anyone ever said or claimed to be a cultural invention, real only to those who accepted it to be so.  Postmodernism evolved in the 90s into various Theories (critical race, queer, postcolonial, etc.) that all kept true to the postmodernists skepticism and cynicism.  Their theory of human existence was that the world operated on grid-like structures of power between privileged and less privileged groups, and that all of human behavior reflected this eternal struggle.  They believed subjective experience to be just as valid and “scientific” as empirical evidence, even if it contradicted with the contexts of reality.  They believe their system of interpreting the world to be morally just and correct, and anyone who disagrees is incorrect; they are either trying to maintain their privilege or are too ignorant to see the “truth”.  What was once an innocent academic framework of interpreting the world escaped into the public sphere, forming the foundation of many social justice movements and the source of the Left’s rhetoric.

What makes postmodernism dangerous is that you don’t need to know what it is to practice it.  It operates in secret, hidden behind the intentions of its implementer.  Its core principles and behaviors are having tangible effects on the American civil discourse.  It has hijacked social media creating a “cancel culture” all in the name of “accountability”, holding subjective experience superior to objective evidence.  It has led to journalists, teachers, professors, and software developers losing their careers and reputations over accusations of racism or sexism.  It has infiltrated universities, as was the case at Evergreen College where mobs of students fighting for “justice” pushed a professor to resignation and held the schools dean practically hostage until he met their demands to create a “safer and more comfortable space for minority students”.  It has led to nationwide racial bias trainings (that offends almost everyone), irresponsible explanations for gender and sexuality, and a kind of totalitarian sense of superiority.  It is the breeding ground for contention and culture wars and it stands in complete opposition to the freedom of speech, separation of church and state, due process, and democratic progress.  If we don’t figure out a way to overcome this forgotten ideology, it will consume civil society corrupting all of the values of liberal democracy that has maintained our liberties for almost 250 years.

The GOP has betrayed its constituents.  You have given in to the Left’s culture wars, enflamed partisan division, condoned transphobia and irrational fears about immigration, allowed fossil fuel industries to buy your complacency, and worst of all have allowed the American public to mistrust the electoral process solely for the purpose of satisfying Donald J. Trump, who apparently is your only constituent.  The Republican Party has let irrationality, impulses, and party loyalty corrode their moral values.  Outlier and its supporters are the next generation of critical thinkers, politicians, scientists, academics, and informed citizens who will fight for the values we endorse.  Values of personal liberty, freedom, equality of opportunity, economic prosperity, and critical thinking.  The establishment can either listen to our concerns and evolve with us, or become the fossils buried beneath our feet.  The freedom to choose is yours.

Despite the great accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, America still faces instances of racial violence, injustice, and prejudice.  We find any action or belief system that dehumanizes an individual because of the color of their skin to be egregious and a reflection of humanity at its worst.  However, we do not believe America to be a “racist country” in its entirety and do not agree with characterizations of “systemic racism”.  Racial disparities are not absolute evidence of racial discrimination.  We stand firmly against identity politics and grievance politics.  We reject notions of privilege and do not judge others by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. We do not want to defund the police or teach implicit bias training or tell kids that they live in a racist country that will only see them as a crayon and not a human being.  We want to help communities of color and close any gaps, but with actual policy and solutions, not performative antiracism.

Ghandi said live like you will die tomorrow, but learn like you will live forever.  Read as much as you can about anything you want.  Some books that helped form my opinions and arguments regarding politics and society are the following: Woke Racism by John McWhorter, Cynical Theories by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay, The Content of Our Character by Shelby Steele, and The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt.  All of the titles are linked for purchase on Amazon. 

That is the goal but the club is a work in progress.  At the moment the only in-person opportunities we have are our book-reading series Committed Conversations where we meet once a week to read and discuss topics from selected texts.  However more ideas and events are definitely possible, if you have any ideas please feel free to reach out to the sites email account (found on bottom of each page).  Also if you have any comments, questions, or opinions you’d like us to hear message us as well.  

We believe that all human beings possess inalienable rights to liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness.  Because of our Constitutional values, all members of the LGBTQ+ community are loved and accepted, regardless of our personal opinions or beliefs.  However, we do not accept Leftist claims that gender and sex are social constructs or that denying the use of pronouns is an act of physical violence or harm.  We define sex (as does Yale Medical School) as the physiological and genetic characteristics that correspond to reproductive systems, that can be organized into the binary categories of male and female.  The existence of intersex individuals (1.7% of the total population) can be used as evidence for biological variations of male and female chromosomal configurations, but due to their small numbers relative to XX (females) and XY (males), does not disprove the binary classification system that the vast majority of humans fall under.  We are more lenient with definitions of gender, which we define as the way an individual wishes to present themselves to the world and how they view themselves.  While gender norms are undoubtedly influenced by culture, there is ample evidence proving that there is some biological correlation to gender characteristics and the biological sexes, meaning that gender isn’t entirely socially constructed. 

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