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“People should fall in love with their eyes closed, because if they were closed you wouldn’t have fantasies.”     – Warhol

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“There are only 2 sexes.” | The Sentence That Ignites Outrage

People are conflating the definitions of sex and gender and it has created an unproductive, polluted civil discourse drenched with emotion and frustration. Both sides can benefit from applying external rationality to the transgender debate without invalidating, harming, or denying observable truths. Click to see how a Rational Republican uses critical thinking in this particular cultural warzone.

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American Censorship, the Modern Saga

“Get it out of the schools. Go and tell them to purge it.” These are the real words of an American parent advocating for the banning of “offensive” and “inappropriate” material from public libraries. How should Rational Republicans react to such grievances? Read to find out.

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