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An Origin Story

“Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all unifying agents.  Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without belief in a devil.”

-Eric Hoffer

Our mission is very simple. we just wanna have productive conversations, create pragmatic solutions, and cut out the noise

This is not a political agenda, or a publicity stunt.  We don’t want fame or wealth or notoriety (well maybe that last part just a little).  We are students who care about our institutions, our values, our nation.  We want equal opportunities for all regardless of any identity characteristics, we want a state where poverty is a picture in a history book, we want a country that supports a robust economy while leading the world in climate change technologies and innovations.  We want to live up to the standard of the greatest country in human history.  

What makes us different than what you already know is that we do not represent the Republican Party as it currently exists, we reflect its possible future.  A Rational Republican stays consistent to the core values of American democracy (individuality, equality, liberty, freedom, and reason), avoiding and overcoming any noise that gets in the way.  We don’t engage in identity politics, culture wars, or kissing games.  We focus on problems and make practical solutions based on the best evidence and recommendations.  We support initiatives that improve the quality of life for Americans while being economically responsible and environmentally conscious.  We see the big picture, the country we want to leave behind 100 years from now.  

Forget everything you thought you knew about us.  Read our blogs, follow us on social media, comment on the Community page, or check our calendar for in-person events.

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