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“There are only 2 sexes.” | The Sentence That Ignites Outrage

“There are only 2 sexes.” | The Sentence That Ignites Outrage

A video surfaced on YouTube in which an American senator, Cynthia Lummins, made a “controversial” statement at a graduation ceremony during her speech at the University of Wyoming.  I recommend all readers watch the clip that has been circulating online first, and then return to this article.  Seriously, I’ll still be here, it’s only 3 minutes long. 

Watched it?  Good.  The statement that garnered a wave of angry boos and heckling from the crowd of fresh graduates and future world leaders was a simple one.  One that has been proven, accepted, and observed by nearly every institution that has any empirical merit or academic integrity behind it.  She said: “Even fundamental scientific truths such as the existence of two sexes, male and female, are subject to challenge these days.”  These words ignited a wave of outrage from online observers as they argued that she shouldn’t have injected her “political views” into a graduation speech.  Others said her rhetoric was “disruptive” and even “anti-scientific”.  But since when did biological sex become political?  Why is it so contentious to make such a simple, harmless statement?  How did we get here?

First of all, I think many people are genuinely confused with the language they are using, and this is the fault of the Left for so carelessly misusing scientific terms to promote a political agenda.  To appeal to the LGBTQ community and win over liberal constituents, they recklessly accepted the postmodern belief that gender (and even sex) were social constructions which could be dismantled and rearranged according to a society’s customs and norms.  As Rational Republicans, let’s declare some definitions right off the bat so that we can have a nuanced and productive conversation.  According to the American Physiological Society, “sex is biologically determined and gender is culturally determined.”  The Yale School of Medicine supports this statement claiming that sex should be referenced only as a classification according to reproductive organs that correspond to chromosomal configurations of XX (female), XY (male) or X**(intersex), while gender should be reserved to how a person is perceived/responded to by institutions on the basis of the individuals representation to the world.  I think every American can agree to these terminologies, given that the bulk of science, medicine, and academics does too.  So making the statement that there are two biological sexes should not conjure much controversy, unless you don’t know exactly what biological sex is referring to.  Many Leftists will still argue however that the binary system of male and female is invalidated due to the existence of intersex individuals.  This term refers to a group of conditions in which there may be discrepancies between external genitalia and internal reproductive organs, which currently exists within 1.7% of the population.  To consider intersex as another form of biological sex is a weak argument because it applies to such a small amount of the total population, relative to those who are classified as typically male and typically female.  50.42% of the entire human population is male and 49.58% is female, so logically speaking, in order to be considered a third or fourth sex, intersex individuals should share a relatively equal number across the population, making it so that 33% were male, 33% female, and 33% intersex, roughly speaking of course.  But intersex individuals only make up 1.7%, meaning that they are just a biological variation of male and female reproductive organs, not an entirely new sex that invalidates the binary classification system which the vast majority of the population falls under. 

It should be noted that affirming that there are two biological sexes required for sexual reproduction does not invalidate, harm, or prevent a transgender person from transitioning or living their best life.  Transgender people are transitioning genders, not sexes, which means they seek to alter the way they are physically perceived and represented to the world without altering their genetics or chromosomes.  However, many Leftists have been recklessly condoning this idea that transgender individuals are able to transition sex as well because biological sex is a social construction invented by the imaginations of man.  An interesting argument, if you ignore the observable sex differences across every sexually reproductive animal that has ever existed.  Male and female reproductive systems in animals have predated the existence of humans (think dinosaurs) meaning that the idea that biological sex is a social construct is absolutely flawed and illogical.  Still, people quickly accepted this idea without much empirical evidence or data to support it mainly because it was easy to understand, and it validated the existence of LGBTQ people, granting them the authority to exist if only they could change society’s perceptions of them. 

While public perception is undoubtedly key to improving relations between this community and others, it is what they are arguing that is important to identify.  Instead of arguing that LGBTQ members should be treated with respect and equal protection on the basis of being an American citizen, protected by the inalienable rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, the Left has justified the idea that our concepts of biological sex and gender are outdated and immoral.  That we need to change the entire classification structure of our language, our culture, and our science in order to accommodate this group of people.  If we don’t rewrite the laws of nature that centuries of biologists, sociologists, and academics have spent years adding bodies of research and evidence to, then we refuse because we must be bigots that don’t want to grant people any rights.  But the problem here, again, is the foundation of the Left’s argument for LGBTQ rights.  That it should come from dismantling society to fit their interpretation of gender and identity, rather than appealing to values already accepted by American culture.  During the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t try to antagonize white people by calling them racist or backwards or outdated.  He didn’t try to rewrite how society functioned or how language was used privately between individuals.  He appealed to the common humanity and values shared by all communities, values of freedom, equality, and justice.  He showed America that black people were human beings, born and bred in the same nation as them, capable of the same dreams and desires as anyone else.  He showed the world that they were the same, not different, making the treatment against them finally appear unfair and unjust.  And guess what?  It worked.  Within a single generation, legal discrimination was forbidden in all 50 states and although several obstacles and challenges would remain for the black community in the years to come, it represented a monumental step forward.  

We as Rational Republicans must remember that all members of the LGBTQ community are fellow Americans and humans equally deserving of rights, liberty, and respect.  When we encounter illogical rhetoric we explain the error of their ways as best as possible not to patronize or to scold them, but to help us all move forward together.  All of us desire the same things, we are just getting so caught up in the semantics and tiny details that we are losing sight of why we are all really here.  So don’t get outraged when you hear “there are only two sexes” because you probably are interpreting that statement in the most negative way possible and not thinking rationally or thoughtfully.  Do not make statements such as “trans women are women” without first defining what a woman is, and let’s not lose sight that not everything is a social construct that requires dismantling to progress society forward.    

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