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Spring Break

Spring Break

Daniel: owned the party bus.  Has 3 companies, is 25 years old, does air conditioning on yachts, very kind and sweet.  Hit our blunt.  

Cindy and Sean:  not “dating” but clearly enjoy touching and kissing each other.  Sean is very nice and humble.  He is 17, but looks like he’s in his mid twenties.  She is 18 or 19.  She is drunk but wants to dance really badly, so do i.  We tell Sean we want to dance and will be right back.  We went and danced for about 30 minutes, it was pure ecstasy.  

The 3 Boys:  one was named Camilo and was extremely attractive and str8 wearing nothing but a tank top.  The other was short, odd even, but interesting because he had so much fire and life inside of him.  The other was tall with slick black hair and brown skin, he wore a leather jacket with  those 70s flares.  They said they were all just in a fight and showed us their bloody knuckles. Apparently a group of frat boys began calling one of them a “native american that should go back to their reservation” and slapped one of them teasing “what are you gonna do about it?” Then Camilo, fulfilling the fantasy role of protector, beat the boy to the ground.  The odd one joined in.  Camilo and the offended were cousins and Camilo said how he didn’t have a choice but to defend his cousin. 

McDonalds Man: said I had a good spirit and to keep it that way as long as i could.  He tried to make a dollar that night by selling us a vape pen.  None of us had cash.  

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